Dennis Rodman's Life Is Still A Wreck And He Has No Desire To Change

Dennis Rodman

Photo: ESPN

Recently, ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” caught up with Dennis Rodman after reports came out that he was both “broke” and “extremely sick,” as his attorneys tried to have money owed to his ex-wife reduced.Rodman last played in the NBA during the 1999-2000 season with the Dallas Mavericks, suiting up for just 12 games before being waived.

The 7-time NBA rebounding champ, who made $27.0 million during his 14-year career, now appears to be making his living endorsing products and partying.

On the next few pages, we will take a look at what Rodman’s life looks like and how he got where he is…

As recently as earlier this month, Rodman was still playing basketball in China at the age of 51

And that it was with the Spurs that he became a pop culture icon

But his life now appears to have a lot of pain. He recently broke down at the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies saying his one regret was not being a better father

And at one point he was more than $800,000 behind on child support payments to his third wife

Rodman is still marketable, even if it is just for an item that claims to prevent hangovers

Rodman's agent says Rodman goes to clubs 3 or 4 nights a week and that Rodman claims he drinks because he is bored

According to his agent, Rodman's drinking began in Chicago

Rodman claims he was sober for 19 months at one point and tried to get a job in the NBA, only to get rejected because he wasn't the Rodman of old

But for ESPN, he is seen drinking in almost every scene, even just walking down the street

But even with the pain, he says he doesn't want to change and may go to his grave knowing he didn't even try

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