Dennis Rodman Is Going To Train The North Korean Basketball Team For The Olympics

Ex-NBA player Dennis Rodman is going back to North Korea to host a basketball game and help train the national team for the 2016 Olympics.

He announced it in a press conference hosted by Irish betting site Paddy Power, which is sponsoring the game.

The game will be held in January, on dictator Kim Jong Un’s birthday, and Rodman claims it will include 12 former NBA players.

He got back from his latest trip to North Korea this weekend, making headlines for calling President Obama and Hillary Clinton “a–holes” when asked about jailed American Kenneth Bae.

When asked by the human rights violations committed by the North Korea government, Rodman said that Jong Un is different than his father and grandfather and wants to change things.

Rodman says he wants to use “basketball diplomacy” to bring understanding between North Korea and the west.

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