Dennis Rodman Had A Funny Response To The Knicks Struggling With Phil Jackson's System

The New York Knicks are a mess.

The Knicks are off to the worst start in franchise history at 4-20 and things may have just hit rock bottom when Bad Boy Dennis Rodman mocked their struggles with Phil Jackson’s famous “triangle offence.”

Speaking at a promotional event and wearing a Phil Jackson Knicks jersey, Rodman explained why the problem is not the offence. According to Rodman, it is not as difficult as people make it out to be, sarcastically noting “it’s a triangle” (via

Rodman goes on to explain that the problem is that the players are not really running the offence.

The key to the triangle offence is ball movement, player movement, and good spacing. Things are always in motion which creates lots of scoring opportunities for everybody.

But according to Rodman, when the ball gets back to Carmelo Anthony, “everything stops” and that it seems like “nobody wants to play together with Carmelo” the way teammates of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant did with those superstars.

Ultimately, like any great system, it is only great if those in it are committed. Right now, it sounds like the Knicks aren’t committed.

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