Witnesses supporting and doubting Julie Swetnick's allegations against Brett Kavanaugh submit statements to the Judiciary Committee as the FBI investigation is rumoured to be wrapping up

  • Two witnesses have submitted sworn statements regarding Julie Swetnick’s allegations that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge drugged and gang-raped women on multiple occasions in the 1980s.
  • Dennis Ketterer, a former Emmy-winning meteorologist in DC, said he did not find Swetnick’s allegations against Kavanaugh credible based on his experiences with her in the early 1990s.
  • Swetnick’s attorney Michael Avenatti tweeted another sworn declaration from a witness, whose name was redacted in the documents, backing up Swetnick’s allegations against Kavanaugh and Judge.

Two witnesses have submitted sworn statements regarding Julie Swetnick’s allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge as the FBI supplemental background investigation into Kavanaugh is reported to be drawing to a close.

Dennis Ketterer, a former weeknight meteorologist for Channel 7 in Washington DC, submitted a 4-page statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee stating he had an extramarital affair with Swetnick in the early 1990s, and did not find her allegations against Kavanaugh and Judge to be credible based on his experience with her.

“Julie told me that she…tried sex with multiple guys in high school and still liked it from time-to-time,” he said. “Julie never said anything about being sexually assaulted, gang raped, or having sex against her will. She never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh in any capacity.”

Ketterer, who won an Emmy award for his reporting in 1995, said while he was watching Kavanaugh’s testimony on Thursday and “saw Mrs. Kavanaugh looking so sad, I felt she needed to know in this instance, her husband was being mischaracterized…based on my direct experience with Julie, I do not believe her allegations.”

Swetnick claimed in a previous sworn declaration that she witnessed Kavanaugh and Judge drugging and gang-raping girls at parties in the early 1980s when they were high schoolers at Georgetown Preparatory Academy. Both Kavanaugh and Judge have denied her allegations under penalty of perjury.

“The letter from Dennis Ketterer is garbage – the GOP is desperate,” Swetnick’s attorney Michael Avenatti tweeted in response to Ketterer’s letter. “The allegations he makes are false and without any basis. We demand that the FBI interview my client & him, and that anyone found to have submitted false info be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Avenatti said.

Also on Tuesday, Avenatti tweeted out a separate sworn declaration from another witness, whose name was redacted in the documents as posted, claiming to have personally witnessed the events Swetnick describes over the course of 20 house parties in the DC area between 1980 and 1982.

“Brett and Mark would drink excessively and be overly aggressive and verbally abusive toward girls. This included inappropriate contact with girls of a sexual nature,” the person wrote, adding they “witnessed firsthand Kavanaugh, with others,…spike the punch at house parties I attended with Quaaludes and/or grain alcohol.”

The person added that they were aware of others who could confirm their account of Kavanaugh’s conduct at those parties, and said they were “aware of other inappropriate conduct,” but said they “do not feel comfortable stating it at this time,” offering to share their additional information with the FBI.

Judge’s attorney Barbara Van Gelden told the Judiciary Committee on Friday that her client intended to fully cooperate with any FBI probe into Swetnick’s allegations. She confirmed he was interviewed on Tuesday, but did not comment on whether agents asked him about Swetnick’s allegations.

This week, some Democratic lawmakers and aides told Business Insider they saw Swetnick’s allegations and Avenatti sparring with his detractors on Twitter as a “distraction” from what they see as more credible allegations leveled against Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez.

“Do I think he’s in it for the showbiz part? I hope not,” Democratic Sen. Jon Tester of Montana said of Avenatti. “It’s too serious of a situation,” he said.

Avenatti, who also represents porn star Stormy Daniels, is rumoured to be eyeing a run for president as a Democrat in 2020.

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