Gartman: United And US Airways Would Combine The Two Worst Airlines, With The Surliest Employees, And The Worst Customer Service

united airlines

The best responde to the news that United Airlines and US Airways may merge goes to Dennis Gartman who throws a roundhouse punch at the two legacy carriers.

A few choice comments include:

  • These are the two worst airlines in the world.
  • Their services are uniquely bad.
  • Their employees are uniquely surly.
  • Their on-time and baggage services grades appalling.
  • Their customer services reps uncommonly unhelpful.

Gartman knows this because he’s flown both airlines many a time and if we can recall, has voiced his opinion about airlines in previous editions of The Gartman Letter.

As he says “…last night when we were on Fast Money from NY, ‘Two bad airlines are potentially merging to form one even worse airline! Count us out.’ We stand by that statement: two wrongs do not make a right.”

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