Dennis Crowley, Fred Wilson, Lockhart Steele, And Mary-Kate Olsen Party Together In The Hamptons

Dennis Crowley at Endless SummerFoursquare’s Dennis Crowley living it up in the Hamptons

On Saturday, the network of socialite-watching blogs Guest of a Guest and blogging network Curbed joined forces to throw a huge party at Crow’s Nest in the Hamptons for a mix of techies, socialites, and straight-up celebrities.One of the reasons we keep hearing for why New York tech will never compete with Silicon Valley tech is that the money-worshipers in NYC don’t think working at a startup is cool.

Anyone who thinks that’s still true should head over to Guest of a Guest and check out some photos of the party. As Guest of a Guest’s Sarah Kunst asked: “when else do Fred Wilson and Mary Kate Olsen hang at the same campfire?”

Good question. Here, courtesy of Guest of a Guest founder and editor Rachelle Hruska, are some other shots of the event:

Cameron Winklevoss at Endless SummerCameron Winklevoss, who claims Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from him and his brother, is also a cofounder of Guest of a Guest. Cofounder and editor Rachelle Hruska is on the left.
Mary-Kate Olsen didn’t want to be photgraphed, but we swear she was there. That’s her in the background.
Dennis Crowley and beerDennis Crowley doesn’t show up to a party empty-handed

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