Denmark Is On Its Way To Becoming The First Country To Run Entirely On Renewable Energy


Photo: LoveDanishPastry via YouTube

The holy grail for any U.S. administration remains energy independence.Denmark is nearly one-fifth of the way there. And they plan to do it entirely on renewable energy.

According to BP’s annual statistical energy review released last week, the Danes now get 18 per cent of their energy from renewables, which is the highest level of any country in the world.

It’s also a full four-per cent gain from 2010.

And the BBC reported in April that the current Danish government wants to have the country running solely on renewables by 2050. This would make them the first country to achieve such an accomplishment within that period.

The proposal has won support from across the country’s political spectrum.

Meanwhile, the U.S.’ share of renewable consumption remains trapped at 2 per cent. 

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