Denham's 'American Psycho' Tribute Is Viral Marketing Done Oh-So-Right

Picture: Flickering Wall

There’s a clothing manufacturer in the Netherlands called Denham which specialises in jeans and jackets.

And, as of a week ago, amazing viral marketing featuring beardy hipsters and bloody murder.

American Psycho fans will immediately recognise the business card scene from Mary Harron’s cult classic film version starring Christian Bale.

‘Denham Psycho’ director Hugo Keijzer took some inspiration from that scene when he first heard Jason Deham talking about jeans.

“I recognized the same manic attention to detail and ravenous appetite for craftsmanship,” he notes on his website.

“This triggered the idea for a modern-day remake of the scene.”

Keijzer teamed up with award-winning creative agency Flickering Wall and pitched the proposal to Denham, who noted that it “perfectly reflected the compulsive ‘otaku’ culture that tends to characterize the inner core of the denim scene”.

We were confident it would make a brilliant parody of fashion in general and the recent ‘heritage’ trend in particular. Plus, it reminds us to keep having fun and not to take ourselves too seriously.”

The ad was launched in Berlin at Denham’s ‘Blue Yard’ Pop-Up Store & Cinema last week. It’s a bit graphic and definitely contains strong language:

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