Soviet Russia Had The Most Intense Propaganda Posters

Bullets America Arms

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Propaganda hit a fevered pitch in the years following the end of World War II with the help of radio and television.

In the U.S. there was a lot of red scare and nuclear holocaust propaganda — how could anyone forget those bizarre “duck and cover” instructional videos.

Just as horrifying were the messages circulating in Russia. Here we have a series of Anti-American posters designed to paint U.S. arms sales as the very gateway to hell.

Each slide has been translated into English. The poster here has a little poem, it reads as:

Take a close look. Mister Bullet’s truthful, disgusting portrait

CIA and Pentagon’s trump card

Nuclear war apologist

Robbery’s best friend, freedom’s enemy

Spreading violence and terror …

Last two lines: He won't escape the tribunal of nations — And their verdict will be severe

USA. Free at last.

The U.S. wasn't without it's prodigious propaganda either.

Aimed at just the same objective — striking horror into the hearts of citizens.

There was a different angle of insidious though, in that American propaganda made neighbours afraid of each other.

While simultaneously focusing attention beyond borders, and always toward several threats.

With heavy emphasis on the military as the only prevention for total annihilation.

Worst of all, a whole set of comics targeting kids.

Now that you've had your brain superbly washed ...

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