The Demographics Of NBA And NHL Championship Watchers [MAPS]

Tipoff’s at 9 tonight for Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Meanwhile, Boston took a 2-1 lead last night in the Stanley Cup Final.

Who’s been watching the games? Mapping data group ESRI has the answer.

The firm has developed developed software called the Tapestry™ Segmentation system that classifies US residential neighborhoods into 65 unique market segments based on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics.

One of their models tracks likely basketball and hockey viewership.

Here are the regions most likely to have been watching Danny Green light up the Heat:

Watch Pro Basketball on TV

And ESRI’s breakdown:

Residents of Dorms to Diplomas, Family Foundations, and Metro City Edge neighborhoods are the most likely to watch NBA games on TV.

Residents of Dorms to Diplomas neighborhoods are focused on their education. Focused on their education, most residents are enrolled in college and graduate school.  They live in dorms or share off-campus housing with one or more roommates. Most of the employed residents work part-time to support themselves while attending school.

Family Foundations neighborhoods are small, urban communities located in large Southern and Midwestern metropolitan areas. Residents are family-oriented and include married couples, single parents, grandparents, and young and adult children. 

Residents of Metro City Edge neighborhoods are found in the older suburbs of large Midwestern and Southern metropolitan cities. Household types include married couples, single parents, and multi-generational families. Nearly half of the residents who work are employed in service industries.

Next, residents most likely to watch Chicago choke away the Stanley Cup:

Watch Ice Hockey on TV

According to ESRI, residents of Dorms to Diplomas neighborhoods is the only demographic highly likely to watch ice hockey games on television.