Democrats Wallop GOP Fundraising With $12.4 Million April Haul

obama fundraising

[credit provider=”AP”]

The Democratic National Committee raised more than twice as much money as its GOP counterpart last month thanks to President Obama’s first fundraising push of the 2012 election season.Democrats raised $12.4 million in April, compared to the Republicans’ $6 million take, the AP reports.

The DNC has $14.8 million on hand and outstanding debts of $15.4 million, according to Politico. The RNC, on the other hand, is in markedly worse shape as it struggles to straighten out the financial mess left by its former chairman, Michael Steele. The RNC has $5 million on hand and $18.9 million in debts.

The Dems impressive April effort is an early indicator of the Obama team’s ability to raise cash. The campaign said this week that it is focusing its initial fundraising efforts on bulking up the DNC rather than on the president’s re-election.