Democrats To Push Super Committee To Take Up Jobs, In Addition To Debt

John Larson

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In the wake of today’s release of dismal August jobs numbers, Democratic lawmakers are set to introduce a bill to increase the mandate of the debt Super Committee to take up jobs legislation.As if their mandate to cut $1.5 trillion in three months wasn’t tall enough an order, House Democratic Caucus Chair Rep. John Larson (D-CT) wants the bipartisan group of 12 lawmakers to expand its focus to include jobs, The Washington Post reports.

President Barack Obama will introduce his jobs plan on Thursday, and it is expected to include a request for the Super Committee to include his plan. The committee’s recommendations must be voted on by the end of the year — and are afforded special privileges, including a straight up-or-down vote for passage.

From the Post’s Ezra Klein:

“[Larson’s] legislation suggests three possible ways of doing so: either the existing supercommittee should commit to returning recommendations on jobs, or it should add four new members and create a subsupercommittee on jobs, or it should create a parallel supercommittee on jobs. In all cases, Larson says, failure to return and pass job-creation legislation would mean the trigger goes off.”