Democrats Spending Thousands On Their Own Junkets


We, like you, were outraged about the AIG junkets and the Wells Fargo junkets. Spending the bailout cash on anything other than lending is ludicrous. And absurd. And absurdicruous.

Well, we’re enraged again, as another money losing big company is wasting taxpayer cash on a needlessly fancy vacation. Our question: Will these fatcats join the honorable ranks of AIG and Wells Fargo and cancel their retreat?

The Hill: The House Democratic Caucus spent more than $500,000 in taxpayer money over the past five years for its annual retreats at resorts in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

On Thursday, Democrats will head to the Kingsmill Resort and Spa in historic Williamsburg, Va., for the three-day planning powwow. The resort boasts multiple championship golf courses, a full-service spa and six restaurants.

Where is their money going?

In 2004, for instance, the caucus paid more than $27,000 to Executive Jet Management for a chartered flight for Bill Clinton, who addressed the issues conference. A Democratic aide said costs soared for Clinton’s travel because there was a “horrible blizzard” that caused his plane to become stuck two days longer than expected and the caucus had to spend extra money for de-icing and storing the plane.

In 2005, the caucus cut a $1,100 check to retired Gen. Wesley Clark’s consulting firm for a speaking fee. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s firm received $864 in 2003 for her retreat address. Read more >

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