Democrats found a brilliant way to troll the newest Republican presidential candidate

Democrats are poking fun at the obvious flaw of the 17th, and likely final, major Republican presidential candidate.

On Thursday, the Democratic National Committee launched a Tumblr called “So You Googled Jim Gilmore,” a guide to the former Virginia governor, who filed his official forms with the Federal Election Committee earlier this week.

The site mocks Gilmore for being virtually unknown outside Virginia. The Democratic Party of Virginia, the site says, has ventured into its basement to “dust off” the old Gilmore file.

In a telling sign reflective of Gilmore’s popularity, the Tumblr account doesn’t seem to be catching on very quickly  —  out of the five posts on the site, only two have posts have any likes. Democrats are using the site to attack Gilmore’s record.

As Politico notes, Gilmore’s name has only been listed on one national poll so far. 

Though he hasn’t attracted much media attention since leaving office in 2002, the former governor has stayed involved in Republican politics. Following a stint as chairman of the Republican National Committee and an unsuccessful run for US Senate in Virginia, Gilmore served as the president of the Free Congress Foundation, a conservative think-tank. 

Gilmore has some experience on the presidential campaign trail. He briefly ran for the Republican nomination in 2008, but dropped out because of a lack of funds. This time, Gilmore plans on making foreign policy a big part of his campaign. The former governor told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that he believes that none of the other candidates are accurately assessing threats from abroad. 

But despite Gilmore’s work as the chairman of a early 2000s commission that investigated the threat of weapons of mass destruction in the US, he’s still entering a field filled with members of Congress who have extensive foreign policy experience.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida), one of the top GOP candidates, is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, while Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) is one of the most hawkish members on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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