Democrats Are Appalled By Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan — So Where’s Their Plan?

harry reid
What financial problem?

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Paul Krugman has excoriated Republican Paul Ryan’s plan to save America from bankruptcy.One imagines that he’s speaking for most Democrats.

Ryan’s plan has been described as “ludicrous” and “cruel” (Krugman). It cuts taxes for rich people, argues that cutting taxes will lead to more job-creation (unlikely), and hammers Medicare and Medicaid. It also doesn’t specify most of the cuts required to achieve the touted savings.

So, yes, when it comes to the specifics of Ryan’s plan, there’s plenty to attack.

But at least Ryan has a plan. At least Ryan has acknowledged the massive financial problems facing this country. At least Ryan has observed that we can’t have it all, forever, just because we want it.

The same cannot be said for the Democrats.

The Democrats continue to pretend that we can just take it one money-hemorrhaging year at a time. The Democrats are gearing up to blame the Republicans for shutting down the government (and they’ll be successful at this, says John Ellis). Then they’ll blame Republicans for forcing another crisis by not raising the debt ceiling.

Meanwhile, they’ll still refuse to even acknowledge the problem, let alone come up with a plan.

That’s not leadership. It’s not even “government.” It’s just politics. Americans deserve better than that.

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