Approval ratings for Democrats are at a new low during a crucial time for the party

  • A new CNN poll shows that only 37% of Americans approve of the Democratic Party, an all-time low.
  • The same poll shows Republicans with a 30% approval rating, up from their own all-time low of 29% in September.

The approval rating of the Democratic Party is at its lowest point since polling began in 1992, according to a new CNN poll.

The poll, conducted by SSRS on behalf of CNN, shows that only 37% of Americans have a favourable view of the Democratic Party, and a majority, 54%, have an unfavorable view. The latest numbers are down from 44% approval in March.

Some key Democratic bases are among those most dissatisfied — 48% of nonwhites, 33% of people under 35, and 33% of liberals have an unfavorable view of the party.

In the same poll, the Republican Party garnered even lower ratings at 30% approval, but this is up from an all-time low of 29% in September in another CNN poll. 42% of independent voters view both parties unfavorably.

The low Democratic numbers come after several high-profile scandals, including revelations from former interim Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile that the DNC had given Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton control of some party hiring and spending in August 2015, well before she accepted the party’s official nomination.

This also comes at a crucial time for the party, which will aim to make gains in the 2018 midterm elections after crushing losses in 2016.

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