Democratic Labour Party President Says John Madigan's Senate Seat Belongs To The Party

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Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Senator John Madigan has announced his departure from the party, revealing he will serve out his term as an independent Senator.

Madigan made a statement to parliament today, explaining his decision to leave the DLP, SMH reported.

Madigan told the Senate that the “cancer of political intrigue” had spread to his office and that “the DLP’s own worst enemies are within its own ranks”.

DLP national president Paul Funnell fired back, refuting Madigan’s claims and labelling them “absolutely untrue”.

“John Madigan has betrayed the party… it’s shocking and I’m just sickened by it,” Funnell told Fairfax Media.

Funnell said Madigan had “turned his back on the people who had put him there”, demanding the now independent Senator return his seat saying, “As far as I’m concerned it belongs to the DLP.”

Madigan alluded to a power struggle forming within the DLP and said he had witnessed “first-hand” attacks.

Senator Madigan said he had been a DLP member since 2006 and was elected to the Senate in 2010.

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