Demi Moore Is Playing A Chief Risk Officer In Her Next Movie

Demi Moore

In a new film called “Margin Call,” Demi Moore plays the chief risk officer at a troubled investment bank, set in the early days of the financial crisis.

The film just premiered at Sundance.

According to Dealbook, in the movie, “Moore grapples with the disastrous consequences of failing to persuade her bosses to pull back on their risky but lucrative mortgage trading business.” (Which reminds us of what happened at Fannie Mae, for example.)

And the actress said the film definitely “gave her new appreciation for the often overlooked job.”

“You really have to have a hard shell,” she said. “It really is somebody who’s stepping into a position that without a doubt will be the scapegoat, and I think that takes a lot of courage and maybe even perhaps a little bit of being an adrenaline junkie.”

And that compared to previous roles, Moore says her portrayal of a risk chief was “more restrained.”

News that Moore was taking on a Wall Street character surfaced last year when her other cast members (including Kevin Spacey, Penn Badgley and Simon Baker) turned up on bank trading floors in New York and asked traders about their experiences during the crisis.

Hat tip to the reporter, Eric Dash, who asked Moore as she shimmied up red carpet, “who is more overpaid – Wall Street bankers or Hollywood stars?” She apparently thought for a moment, smiled, and then said: “I would say bankers.”

We’re still mulling that one over.

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