How Demi Moore Went From Hollywood's Highest Paid Actress To Hospitalization

Demi Moore

In the 1980s, a young Demi Moore quickly turned her “General Hospital” TV stardom into a full fledged movie career that made her one of the top actors of the decade, part of a group the media dubbed the Brat Pack.

By 1990, with a $12 million per film paycheck, Moore was the highest paid actress in Hollywood and remained so with box office hits such as “Ghost,” “A Few Good Men” and “G.I. Jane.”

After marrying husband number two, Bruce Willis, in 1987, the couple had three daughters together and enjoyed a family life outside of Hollywood at their shared Idaho home.

With the break up of their marriage in 1998, Moore re-entered Hollywood as a hot mama, taking on roles such as a scorned, seriously toned angel in 2003’s “Charlie’s Angels” and dating a slew of younger men in her personal life.

In 2003, Moore met Ashton Kutcher, sixteen years her junior, and surprised everyone when their 2005 marriage lasted a whopping six years—until it came crashing down in late 2011 amidst rumours that Kutcher was cheating.

Since then, Moore has been on an apparent downward spiral that last week landed her in the hospital.

But whether it’s a “Striptease” for theatre-goers or her Twitter followers, we know Demi Moore is always good for a bikini-clad comeback and we’re rooting for her to get well soon.

1976: After moving nearly 40 times throughout her childhood, Demi's family settles in Los Angeles. After attending Fairfax High School for a brief time, she drops out at age 16 to become an actress.

1980: At age 18, Demi married singer Freddy Moore and changes her name from Demi Guynes to Demi Moore.

1987: Emilio and Demi break up. Shortly after, Demi meets Bruce Willis and a few months later the two get married in a Las Vegas hotel room.

1988: Demi and Bruce's daughter, Rumer Glenn Willis, is born.

1991: Demi poses nude for Vanity Fair while pregnant with daughter, Scout LaRue Willis. Annie Leibovitz shot the photo, which sparked controversy for portraying a pregnant woman as a sex symbol.

2000: Bruce and Demi officially divorce.

1999-2003: Moore dates Oliver Whitcomb, a karate instructor seven years her junior.

Moore is also romantically linked to a string of younger men, including Owen Wilson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Colin Farrell and Anthony Keidis.

2003: Demi meets Ashton Kutcher, 16 years her junior, at Diddy's MTV Movie Awards after party.

2005: Demi and Ashton get married with a small, Kabbalah ceremony in Beverly Hills.

2010: To show the world she's still got it, Demi tweets a photo of herself in a bikini.

May 2011: Ashton allegedly brings a girl back to the Los Angeles home he shared with Demi Moore. The girl later put Ashton's sweater up for sale on Ebay.

2011: 23-year-old Sara Leal reveals she slept with Ashton in a San Diego hotel suite on he and Demi's sixth wedding anniversary. The two went on a spiritual retreat to Israel to work on their marriage; however, Ashton's scandal ended the couple's relationship.

January 2012: Moore's 911 call that led to her hospitalization is released.

January 2012: While Ashton remains silent, Moore's family rushes to her side to help her through her tough time.

We wish Demi a speedy recovery and hopefully she will be back at the box office in no time.

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