Demi Lovato deactivated her Twitter after facing backlash over comments about rapper 21 Savage being taken into ICE custody

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesDemi Lovato.

It appears that Demi Lovato has deactivated her Twitter account. The 26-year-old singer’s social media page has gone blank after she faced backlash Sunday night for posting about memes related to rapper 21 Savage being taken into custody by ICE.

On Sunday, 21 Savage, whose real name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was taken into custody as part of a “targeted operation,” an ICE spokesperson previously told INSIDER. According to ICE, the rapper is actually from the UK. The agency claims that he legally entered the country on a visa in 2005, but did not leave when it expired in 2006.

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Many were shocked to hear of Abraham-Joseph’s arrest, including Lovato. In a now-deleted post, the singer shared on Twitter that she found the memes about the situation – specifically his surprise British heritage – to be funny. As Pop Crave noted, her tweets faced near-immediate pushback.

“So far 21 Savage memes have been my favourite part of the Super Bowl,” she wrote.

Rappers Wale and Offset of Migos criticised Lovato for joking about the situation.

Others defended Lovato online.^tfw^tfw

Lovato later responded to the pushback, much of which she said referred to her living with addiction.

“If you’re going to come at me for making a joke, try coming at me with something original not involving drugs,” she said. “F–k Twitter. This is why I don’t tweet anymore.”

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In addition to further elaborating about the memes and the situation in now-deleted Tweets, Lovato also posted on her Instagram story.

“So I tweeted that this was funny…” she began her Instagram story series.

Demi 1ddlovato/InstagramThe meme that started it all.

Then she shared two screenshots of the comments people were leaving on her Instagram, many of which were focused on her recent overdose, mental health, and that she lives with addiction.

Demi 2ddlovato/InstagramShe posted screenshots of the hateful comments she got.
Demi 3ddlovato/InstagramMany fixated on the fact that she lives with addiction.

In the last two posts on her story, Lovato clarified her position and defended herself.

“Wasn’t laughing at anyone getting deported. I know that’s not a joke … not have I EVER laughed at that,” she wrote. “The meme I posted/was talking about was of him writing with a feather pen. Sorry if I offended anyone. But it’s not an excuse to laugh a someone’s addiction, let alone their OD.”

Demi 4ddlovato/InstagramLovato apologised for offending.

She continued: “Lastly, I wasn’t making fun on anything having to do with deportation or even anything against him. I was laughing at who the f–k knew 21 was British? Literally no one. That’s it. It doesn’t go deeper than that. I’m sorry if I upset people, truly.”

Demi 5ddlovato/Instagram‘It doesn’t go deeper than that.’

The news of 21 Savage being from the UK shocked the rapper’s fans. Savage has built a persona and image as a musician around growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, and many assumed he had American citizenship.

At this time, it’s unclear if he will be deported.

“Mr. Abraham-Joseph is presently in ICE custody in Georgia and has been placed into removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts,” ICE spokesperson Bryan Cox told INSIDER on Sunday. “ICE will now await the outcome of his case before a federal immigration judge to determine future actions.”

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