A Broncos player has a priceless story about a baboon trying to break into his room while vacationing in South Africa after the Super Bowl

While many NFL players might go to Disney World or a tropical resort after winning the Super Bowl, the Broncos’ DeMarcus Ware and Demaryius Thomas went to South Africa.

In a story they authored for Sports Illustrated’s MMQB, they reveal they planned a trip to South Africa during the season, and would only go if they won the Super Bowl.

The Broncos did win it, of course, so the two took off for their first visit to Africa.

The whole story is worth a read, but one particular anecdote about a baboon breaking into Ware’s room at their villa is particularly great.

Ware explains:

When we first got [to the villas], they told us to make sure to lock the door to your room because if you don’t, the baboons will open up your door and go and get your cookies. So I’m like, alright, cool.

I was getting a massage in my room one of the days and I didn’t lock the door. All of a sudden during the massage, the masseuse, she yells, ‘GET OUT!’ And I look up and see a baboon as big as me, standing in the room on his four legs. And he was screeching out really loud, and baring his big huge long fangs, bigger than a lion’s fangs. He jumps up and tries to grab a cookie and she gets a pillow and throws it at him and he takes off running. She’s like, ‘That baboon never listens to me.’ It was like a normal day for her. She wasn’t even intimidated, but I was intimidated, that thing was huge! He was like my size! Then, about five minutes later, he comes up and knocks on the door again. He knocks on the door like a human! I’m like, are you freaking kidding me? And for the three days after that, he knocked on the door every day at the same time.

Thomas added that he was glad the baboon didn’t bother him, saying, “We learned you gotta be careful with those baboons now. Every night after dinner the guides had to walk us to our room with a light because basically any animal can get up to the lodge. There could be lions and leopards up there, so I always made sure they walked me to my room.”

Ware, even as one of the NFL’s most fearsome pass-rushers at 6-foot-4, 258 pounds, wanted no part of that baboon.

Luckily, it seems Ware and Thomas both stayed safe and enjoyed their trip to South Africa, saying they plan to go back again.

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