Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins stands completely motionless, gives up wide open basket

Demarcus Cousins still defence

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins, for all of his otherworldly talent, remains a frustrating player.

Cousins was recently selected to the All-Star reserves as an injury replacement for Kobe Bryant, rewarding his monstrous averages of 24 points and 13 rebounds per game.

Yet Cousins commits his fair share of lapses on the court, and in the midst of the Kings’ blowout loss to the Warriors Tuesday night, the negative side of his attitude resurfaced.

On an inbounds play, Cousins stood completely motionless as his man, Marreese Speights, ducked to the basket for a wide open alley-oop.

At the onset of the play, Cousins is looking at the bench, so maybe he briefly lost track of the inbounds. However, as Speights runs unimpeded to the basket, Cousins doesn’t make any attempt to catch up, move, or even call for help from teammates.

It’s not the first time Cousins has done this. Earlier in the year, Cousins stood completely still in protest as his teammate squandered a critical possession by going one-on-one and turning the ball over.

Again, Cousins has the talent to dominate other centres in the NBA, but this type of behaviour doesn’t win him many fans. Cousins made the All-Star Game because he was selected by Commissioner Adam Silver, not the coaches (who select the reserves). Coaches notice these types of plays, and until Cousins cuts them out of his game, he won’t reach the superstar status he’s capable of achieving.