DeMarcus Cousins got himself suspended by sarcastically clapping at a referee with 6 seconds left in a blowout game

DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo both earned technical fouls on Wednesday night when they started sarcastically clapping at referee Marc Davis for a correct, if unnecessary, call Davis made with just six seconds left in a blowout Kings win. 

Up 14 on the Wizards with six seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Rondo improperly inbounded the ball, which led to a (completely valid!) whistle from Davis. Cousins and Rondo found this comical, considering the score and time remaining in the game. So, they decided to mock Davis’ decision by clapping very sarcastically in his face.

This did not please Davis, who promptly doled out two technicals. 

Rondo then received a second technical for arguing over the first technical, causing him to be ejected. Cousins, meanwhile, will be suspended for the Kings’ next game for picking up his 16th technical of the season. 

The Kings are eliminated from the playoffs, so Boogie’s suspension is effectively pointless. In fact, despite Rondo and Cousins’ shenanigans late in the game, Wednesday night’s win against the Wizards saw Sacramento reach an important milestone: for the first time since 2007-08, the Kings won 30 games. 

Congratulations, fellas.

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