DeMarcus Cousins openly mocked George Karl during his teammate’s post-game interview

The fractured relationship between George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins has become public knowledge.

The two have seemingly never been on the same page, dating back to the summer when Karl said Cousins is not untradeable, which did not please Cousins.

Since then, Cousins has reportedly gone off on Karl several times during the season, gotten suspended one time, then openly blamed Karl for the suspension to the media.

Now, Cousins is again taking not-so-sublet shots at Karl, and once again he is doing it in the media.

During an interview with SB Nations’ Sactown Royalty about Seth Curry’s playing time, Karl gave a somewhat cold answer about Curry’s potential, saying (emphasis ours), “I think Seth will be a combo guard, play both 1 and 2. … But he’s going to be around for a couple years. He’s definitely going to have a few more years of someone; I think we have him for one more year.”

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for a player, particularly for a young player he’s trying to help develop.

On Sunday, after the Kings beat the Mavericks, 133-111, Curry was doing a postgame interview for a solid, 14-point performance. Cousins video-bombed it and told him “You’re going to be in the league for a long time!”

As Sactown Royalty noted, after Karl’s comments, Curry tweeted a snake emoji, a reference to Cousins’ tweet about a “snake in the grass” after Karl’s comments about him over the summer. Curry later deleted it.

Clearly, Karl has lost this team, and though Cousins’ future with the team is unknown, it’s difficult to see how management can keep him around when players have clearly turned against him. Not that Karl is doing himself any favours, either.

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