DeMarcus Cousins hits game-winner, gives bizarre interview repeatedly asking “How are you going to stop God’s plan?”

It’s been a weird couple of weeks for DeMarcus Cousins. On the court, he’s had a few lapses like standing motionless on defence. Off the court, he’s been surlier than usual about the Kings’ woes.

Sunday night, Cousins continued to verify his All-Star selection, however, hitting a game-winning jump shot over the Phoenix Suns.

After the game, Cousins seemed to once again be in a surly mood as he gave a very brief, bizarre press conference.

Cousins was first asked “How badly did you guys need that win?” and Cousins murmurs a few short answers before someone asked, “You look like you’re still really pumped up.”

Cousins responded, “No, I ain’t pumped up, I just got a lot on my mind.” He drifted off a bit before saying, “I just got a question for y’all: How are you gonna stop God’s plan? How are you gonna do that?”

A reporter tried to ask another question, but Cousins ignored it and continued, “This city has put me through so much, and I stayed loyal to it the whole time. Hey, I just wanna know how you’re gonna stop God’s plan. God gives his hardest battles to the strongest souls. The marathon continues.”

And with that, Cousins walked out.

Watch the whole video below:

Cousins’ attitude toward the media may be about not originally being voted into the All-Star Game, but coaches and fansare responsible for choosing the starters and reserves, not the media.

Cousins is putting up monster numbers for a mediocre Sacramento team, so he may just be frustrated that it took a 28-point, 12-rebound, buzzer-beating effort just to break a six-game losing streak.