Delusional Tech Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Be Punks And Make Babies Too Fast

If you want to start a company, get VC funding, manage your business through a recession and any other fun stuff that should come your way, yet still maintain all the wild enthusiasm you had when you sat in your house cold calling everyone…I recommend you watch/read the following three items.

1) I love this article by Ben Horowitz. Love it. The last section is my favourite because his word choice is perfect: “punk” and “punking out” is what you are and what you do when you give up on a dream. Don’t be a punk.  

2) I love this article by Mark Suster because it feels like the most important skill in managing your psychology. It’s critical to know why you are starting a company and keep these goals in mind because everyone around you will question why you don’t “go fat” sooner. I’m seeing this mistake all around the VC landscape now, and many great young companies are sprinting too soon. It’s also fair to say in some companies that it doesn’t ever make sense to go fat. There are other ways to deliver fantastic results to your team and investors. I may have learned this skill out of necessity, but it was always in our business plan to run lean. I’m now a huge believer. My brother, who started CityVoter with me, has proven time and time again that our product team is much more productive with fewer resources and less moving parts.

3) A friend shared this video (below) of Tara Hunt talking about The Unclear Path of entrepreneurship. I like her talk because she’s nutty. I mean, check out that freeze frame of her face. Awesome. More importantly, I love the words: delusion, dreams, and audacity, and how she describes her interactions with her family. How do you describe your life choice to people who want to protect you and help you? In the middle of all this, there’s perhaps something that sounds a little too cliche to put on a tombstone, but it is a rule I want everyone to live by, don’t spend your life wondering “what if?”