Delta has a monthly warehouse sale with everything from old seats to aeroplane toilets — here's all the vintage aviation gear you can buy

If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of airline history – or possibly even an aeroplane lavatory toilet – here’s your chance.

Each month, Delta Air Lines hosts a surplus sale at its museum near the Atlanta airport, its main hub for flights.

Eager flight enthusiasts are able to have their pick of everything from airline cutlery and lapel pins to service carts and lounge seats. There are even plane parts, like tail cones, for sale, too.

The airline recently shared photos of some of the items for sale with Business Insider. Here are some of our favourites:

The sale takes place on the second Friday of each month.

Proceeds from the sale help fund the museum. The sales feature vintage items not for sale in the museum’s gift shop.

“They’re a treasure hunt each time — you never know what you’ll find,” the airline says on its website.

Some of the items in the multitudes include usual suspects like cutlery and plates, which miraculously have survived hundreds of meal services without breaking.

These forks might be some of the cheapest you could buy to stock your kitchen.

Maybe a casserole dish to add to your oeuvre, too?

Don’t forget table decor, like serving baskets!

And once you’ve got a full china set, you’ll need something to serve dinner on.

After-dinner coffee service?

There’s a serving carafe, too.

Old clothing and uniforms are also for sale.

From there, the items only get more … distinct.

Some earplugs to go with your new PJs.

Or, depending on how much cash you have on hand, an aeroplane propeller that will only set you back a few thousand.

And yes, as promised, the lavatory toilets.

Even bricks from the original Delta headquarters.

There’s no way these old lounge seats have any support left. But if your living room has a retro theme, they might add to the ambiance.

Seats from actual aeroplanes, on the other hand, might be the best addition to a plane lover’s home that you could buy.

You’ll definitely need some reading material while relaxing in that new chair.

Not enough light to read by? No problem.

All of these items might start to add up — but a new overhead storage bin could easily fix that.

When you run out of storage space, maybe it’s time to redecorate the walls with vintage Delta memorabilia.

Or maybe a new clock?

Smaller items include lapel pins like these employee awards.

And these retro winged ones, too.

You can even take home a piece of an aircraft exterior, like this MD-80 tail cone.

The next sale will take place on May 10, according to the museum’s website.

Be sure to get there early — the line forms quickly!

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