Delta sent a private plane to pick up 41 students after a canceled American Airlines flight left them stranded in Oklahoma City

Delta Air LinesSome of the students who received a private Delta Air Lines flight to Richmond, Virginia.

Delta Air Lines sent a private plane on Sunday to pick up a group of 41 students and their chaperones after a canceled American Airlines flight left them stranded in Oklahoma City, the ABC News affiliate KOCO News reported.

The group intended to fly from Oklahoma City to Richmond, Virginia, but their American Airlines flight was canceled. The airline offered to refund the group, an outcome one of the chaperones felt was unacceptable, she said in an interview with KOCO News, as the group had started planning a trip to Washington, DC, over a year ago.

“We do apologise for the cancelation, which was the result of inclement weather that was out of our control,” an American Airlines representative told Business Insider.

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Employees of Delta Air Lines heard about the group’s problem and reached out to the airline’s headquarters, which sent a spare plane to fly the group to Richmond, according to KOCO News.

“We were beyond ecstatic,” the chaperone told KOCO News.

The group had the plane to itself and was able to complete its planned trip to Washington, DC.

“Seeing people for who they are, and not just customers of one carrier or another is what really made this story possible,” a Delta representative told Business Insider. “While we are in the travel business, we’re in the people business first, and we couldn’t be happier that these students were able to make their trip.”

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