Delta's hilarious new safety video features the stars from 23 of most viral memes ever

Many flights come equipped with wifi, but with its latest safety video, Delta is bringing even more of the internet to the skies.

Featuring 23 different memes, the video provides an entertaining spin on the otherwise boring instructions for seat belts and emergency exits that precedes all flights. 

The video kicks off with some music from the “Keyboard Cat.”

Next up, “Double Rainbow Guy” demonstrates the appropriate use of the overhead container. 

Here we see the “Annoying Orange” being safely stowed for takeoff. 

“Roomba Cat” glides down the aisles in his signature shark costume. 

Next, viewers experience the “Invisible Seat Prank,” while learning about emergency exits. 

Seatbelt safety is brought to life by “The Evolution of Dance.”

Next up is one of the “Slow Mo Guys” being hit in the face with jello. 

Once the seatbelt sign is is turned off, passengers are free to move about the cabin and “Do the Harlem Shake.”

“Deltalina” and “The Screaming Goat” remind passengers that smoking is prohibited during the flight. 

Next, it’s “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”

“Dramatic Chipmunk” points out the emergency exits on the plane. 

Next, oxygen masks are demonstrated by the grown up brothers from “Charlie Bit Me.”

In the event of a water landing, keep a lookout for “Overly Attached Girlfriend.”

 Delta throws it way back with the “Autodesk Dancing Baby,” rocking a flotation device. 

Next, one of the critters from “Tiny Hamsters Eating Burritos” munches away on a tray table. 

Here we see “Nyan Cat” bouncing around the cabin tailed by his signature rainbow. 

“Doge” shows passengers where to the printed version of the sa fey information in the seat back pocket. 

Finally, the captain wishes passengers a enjoyable flight. 

There is an Easter egg at the end of the video where viewers can see different versions featuring even more memes, mixed together by none other than Tom Dickinson from “Will It Blend?”

You can watch the whole video here or below. 

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