You will soon be able to book a cosy, private room on Delta's business class

Delta’s business class are getting a big facelift.

On Tuesday, the airline introduced the very first business class to offer rooms with a sliding door at each suite. It will have a September 2017 debut on the Airbus A350, the route of which has yet to be determined, and then will roll out on Delta’s new Boeing 777 plane in Spring 2018, according to a New York Times article.

Called the Delta One suite, the rooms onboard comes with ample storage space, an 18-inch entertainment system, and power outlets for charging your devices. The suite will come on flights with a flying time of 12 hours or more.

Other perks include individual storage space for your shoes, headphones, and laptop; a chair with a memory foam cushion for extra comfort; and ambient lighting.

Delta One passengers also get chef-curated meals and wine, noise-cancelling headphones, in-flight lounge wear on select flights, and TUMI amenity kits with skincare items.

After it’s added on the Boeing 777 in spring 2018, Delta will roll it out on the airline’s entire fleet of 25 Airbus A350 planes and 18 Boeing 777 planes by 2020, the New York Times reported.

Delta One is the first business class cabin to offer a sliding door at each suite.

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