Delta Expects 65,000 Applicants... For 1,000 New Jobs

Airline Fail Container

It’s clearly a good time to be hiring people, if you’re a company.

Yes, this is job creation, but it’s as if it just makes the economic situation look even uglier:


Delta Air Lines Inc., the world’s largest carrier, said it anticipates getting about 65,000 applications for its 1,000 airport job openings as millions of Americans continue to look for work.

The airline is hiring workers at its 25 biggest U.S. airports to help with planes that are flying with near-record percentages of seats filled and cope with weather disruptions, Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson said today in a weekly recorded message to employees.

The company often gets “many multiples” of applications when it has job openings, he said. Delta has about 81,000 employees and previously said it plans to hire about 240 pilots.

It’s hard to see how Delta’s applicants will have much bargaining power when accepting their new positions.

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