Delta just made a major change that will make customers very happy

Delta airline employees
Delta Air Lines employees. Anna Webber/Getty Images

Delta Air Lines announced on Thursday that it has abolished extra fees for travellers who buy their tickets on the phone or in-person at the airport.

The Atlanta-based airline charged customers a $25 fee to buy tickets over the phone and a $35 fee to buy them in-person at the airport or a ticketing office.

The airline made the decision to the drop the fees after soliciting feedback from customers and employees, Delta’s head of reservation sales and customer care Charisse Evans said in a statement.

“It is much simpler for our customers to not have to worry if they will pay a fee for ticketing with Delta,” incoming President Glen Hauenstein said in a statement.

Delta did specify that the fee still applies to phone reservations made in certain parts of Europe.

In recent years, these fees have become pervasive throughout the airline industry and a major annoyance for flyers.

According to Fortune, Delta began charging a $2 fee in 1999 for all bookings not made through its website.

By 2012, the fee for phone reservations had grown to $25.

Delta reported stellar first quarter earnings on Thursday with $1.4 billion in pre-tax income. Buoyed by low fuel prices, the airline reported $946 million in net income — a 27% increase over the same period in 2015.

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