DELOITTE: Labor's NBN Will Make Households $3800 A Year Better Off By 2020

Kevin Rudd with Broadband Minister Anthony Albanese

Don’t care much about NBN download speed? How about being $3800 a year better off?

That’s the benefit that Deloitte Access Economics says the average household will be seeing by by 2020 under Labor’s NBN scheme, thanks to teleworking, online shopping and changes in other activities.

Phil Coorey has the story in the AFR this morning. It says most of the benefit to households would be from cheaper prices and higher wages, stemming from a productivity boost enabled by the NBN. This would be worth around $2000.

Another $634 in savings would come from increases in working from home, teleconferencing and telework, meaning less in travel costs.

Some $565 comes from savings from shopping online. $217 comes from being able to access government services including health online. $269 comes from access to entertainment.

Deloitte is at pains to stress that it’s not necessarily a net gain for households. There may be equipment and supply costs involved which could affect the number. But equally, households that were heavy users of the services could benefit much more — one example is an older person who is a heavy user of health services benefiting $7000.

We can expect the government to hammer this message over the coming days ahead of polling day on Saturday.

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