'Highly Intoxicated' Detroit Tigers Player Was Arrested For An Alleged Hate Crime

Delmon young

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Detroit Tigers are in NYC for a three game series against the Yankees that starts tonight.Tigers player, Delmon Young, however, will probably not be playing tonight. Young was arrested early this morning for allegedly assaulting a man outside of a hotel in midtown Manhattan, according to the New York Post.

Young was allegedly ‘highly intoxicated’ when he pushed a man to the ground. The baseball player was taken to the hospital to sober up before being taken to a police precinct.


According to the Detroit Free Press (via Deadspin) Young is also facing hate crime related charges.

From the Detroit Free Press:

“Basically, there was an incident at the hotel (and) some anti-Semitic remarks,” said Detective Joseph Cavitol.

Young’s charge is a misdemeanour.

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