Dell's Tablet Blitz Is Coming Soon... Some May Even Run Windows

Steve Ballmer iPad smash

It sounds like Dell is about to unleash a zillion new portable gadgets, starting with a 7-inch tablet that’s coming “within the next few weeks,” according to Marketwatch.

Dell China boss Amit Midha “said Dell will launch ‘a whole slew’ of new products in the next 6-12 months, including additional 3-inch, 4-inch and 10-inch devices,” Marketwatch’s Ross Kelly reports.

Where does Microsoft’s Windows fit into all of this? Recall that Windows is the overwhelming leader in the PC industry, and Dell is one of its biggest partners.

So far, Dell is pledging that some of its new gadgets will run Windows, while others will run Google’s Android platform, and yet others may someday run Google’s Chrome OS.

So while Dell isn’t ready to rule out Windows altogether for portable gadgets, it’s clear that Microsoft is not going to have nearly the same market share in tablets as it has in PCs. And as the market moves toward more tablet- and touch-like devices, that could be serious trouble for Microsoft.

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