Hackers are coming for your smartwatch

Hackers are becoming sophisticated when it comes to smartphones. Over the last year, malware makers launched successful campaigns that targeted very specific smartphone models, demographics, and populations.

In fact, 2014 was the year when mobile malware began looking a lot like the PC-hacking landscape, says a new report from Dell.

Now that smartphones aren’t the only popular mobile device option, we should expect to see new kinds of hacking tactics.

The 15-page computer security paper says that this year we will begin to see “the first wave of malware targeting wearable devices via smartphones.”

Dell cites the example of WireLurker, which was packaged with some Mac applications from Chinese app store Maiyadi. When users connected their iPhones or iPads to the Mac, the malware would steal call logs and other information from the connected device.

“WireLurker and similar apps point to a trend we can expect to emerge in 2015 — malware targeting wearables, TVs, and other ancillary devices. The pairing of these devices to laptops and smartphones will give hackers an easy attack vector, and these devices will become much more enticing as the market grows in the coming months.”

Dell also warned about hacks against electric vehicles and their operating systems.

Check out the full report here>>

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