Dell Just Launched A $60 Million Venture Fund For Storage Only

Michael Dell web 2.0

While on stage at the Fortune Brainstorm conference in Aspen, Colo., Michael Dell said the company is launching a $60 million venture fund focused on storage.

Storage only. Not cloud or software or other stuff.

Storage has been a big focus for Dell and its going to get bigger –obviously.

“We’ve absolutely flipped the business to emphasise intellectual property, product design,” he said “Line between server and storage disappearing.”  The new thing is a converged device that is a server, storage and networking all in one package. Flash memory is helping to change servers, too, and allow a lot more memory and storage to be stored in the server. Dell has even been designing its own servers with flash, Dell says.

“Storage world is really getting shaken up. This is the kind of thing we’ll be investing in. The idea is to get out in front and fund some of these new ideas we think will be important,” he explained.