Steven The 'Dell Dude' Has Some Advice For His Former Employer

dude you're getting a dell first commercial

Photo: YouTube/pepwave24

Now that Dell is reportedly in talks with equity firms to go private, Bloomberg figured it’d be a good idea to talk to someone who was around during the company’s heyday.Steven the Dell dude.

You know, the kid who popped up in all those commercials for Dell products well over a decade ago.

In an email interview with Bloomberg, the Dell Dude (his real name is Ben Curtis), had some advice for his former employer:

I think they’re making a huge mistake and simply need to bring back the Dell Dude! That’s all they need to do. If they brought me back, their sales, stock and media presence would skyrocket. That is by FAR the smartest move they could make.

Or maybe Curtis is just looking for another gig.

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