Now, Dell Says It's Not A PC Company

Michael Dell web 2.0

Less than six months ago, Michael Dell posted an impassioned defence of the PC business to his Google+ account, and explained that “Dell remains very committed to PC solutions and beyond.”

He was responding to reports that HP was considering selling its PC business.

What a difference a couple of mediocre quarters makes.

Today, Dell manager Brad Anderson told a crowd in London “We’re no longer a PC company, we’re an IT company.” He continued “We are dramatically changing the make-up of our business.”

PC sales have been the weakest part of Dell’s business — the company’s consumer unit (which is mostly PC sales) saw revenue drop 2% (year over year) last quarter, and drop 6% in the quarter before that. All the action was in selling to enterprises.

HP, meanwhile, decided to keep its PC business, but it’s not having such great luck either: consumer PC revenue suffered a 25% year-to-year decline last quarter.

First HP, then Dell.

It seems like the only company willing to defend the PC these days is Microsoft — and Microsoft doesn’t actually make or sell PCs.

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