Deliveroo nearly started out as a company called 'Boozefood' that delivered food to drunk people

Will Shu Deliveroo resizedDeliverooDeliveroo cofounder Will Shu.

Food delivery service Deliveroo nearly started out as a company called “Boozefood,” according to Deliveroo cofounder and CEO Will Shu.

Speaking on stage at the Startup Grind conference in London, Shu said Boozefood was “the initial permutation” for Deliveroo.

The basic premise of Boozefood was to deliver food to people late in the evening when they got home after a few drinks. It’s unclear whether Boozefood would have delivered high-quality restaurant standard food or the kebabs that people often crave at the end of a night out.

In a follow up Q&A, Shu told Business Insider that Boozefood never actually launched. “It was a joke to deliver food to people when they come home from the pub,” said the former Morgan Stanley investment banker.

Founded in 2012, Deliveroo has raised $200 million (£140 million) from big name venture capital firms like Index and Accel for its food delivery service, which is now available in around 70 cities available across 12 countries.

The company operates in a busy food delivery market that is also being targeted by US tech giants like Amazon and Uber.

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