A Deliveroo bag caused a major London street to a grind to a standstill after police thought it was a bomb

Deliveroo packageTwitter/LauraLyons_A police officer investigating the contents of the Deliveroo bag.

A Deliveroo bag brought a major London street to a standstill on Thursday morning after it raised a bomb scare.

Bishopsgate, which runs through the City of London, was shut by police for around 30 minutes due to the unattended Deliveroo bag, causing disruption to local businesses and employees.

Deliveroo, a fast-growing London tech startup, uses the bags to transport food from restaurants to people’s homes and offices. The bags are usually attached to the back of bikes and mopeds but this one appears to have been left abandoned on the floor.

A police officer on the scene told Business Insider that Bishopsgate had been closed due to a “suspicious package.”

The suspicious package later turned out to be a Deliveroo bag, with a number of people posting photos on Twitter of a police officer investigating what was inside.

The suspicious package on Bishopsgate looks like a big @Deliveroo bag. Probably not a bomb, probably full of burgers pic.twitter.com/2TkUKz0RsM
— Ben Longstaff (@Ben_Longstaff1) March 10, 2016

Business Insider has contacted Deliveroo for comment and is waiting to hear back.

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