Delicious Founder Schachter Joins Google (GOOG)

Delicious founder Joshua Schachter left Yahoo (YHOO) last June, about 2.5 years after Yahoo bought his social bookmarking service. So what’s he doing next?

Schachter is joining Google (GOOG), according to a Twitter message sent by First Round Capital VC Josh Kopelman.

If true, Yahoo’s loss is Google’s gain. After TechCrunch reported Schachter was leaving Yahoo last June, he slammed Yahoo’s management for slowing his work on Delicious. “I was largely sidelined by the decisions of my management.” “It was an incredibly frustrating experience…”

We’re short on details about Joshua’s new gig, but if you know more, contact us at [email protected] or via our anonymous tips form.

Update: Schachter confirms to TechCrunch that he’s joined Google. “In a phone call Schachter says he hasn’t been assigned to a specific project yet and declined even to state who he’s working for at the Internet giant, but he did confirm that today was his first day on the job at Google.”

Photo: Javier Pedreira

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