Here's How To Delete Video And Screenshots Taken On The PlayStation 4

One of the coolest things about the PlayStation 4 is the ease with which you can capture and share photos and videos.

You can simply hit the share key on the DualShock 4 controller and it will take a screen capture of whatever you’re looking at inside a game or on the homescreen. If you’re playing a game, it will record up to 15 minutes of gameplay.

From there, you can share that content directly to Facebook or Twitter (once you connect your respective accounts). You can also stream your gameplay on Twitch and Ustream.
While that’s great, one issue we were having was finding a delete button for all this data we’ve acquired. While we love taking video and screenshots, all of this data can add up in your storage. The PS4 console comes with 500 gb; however, after hardware and the operating system is taken in for account, you’re down to 409 gb on the hardrive.

When you go to share your data, you’re brought to this screen:

Let’s take a look at our screenshots.

Here is everything we’ve captured from the homescreen and elsewhere on the PlayStation user interface (UI). Hitting the option key, we’re giving three items to select from: Sort by, preview, and selection.

So how do you delete?

This may be intuitive to some, but in case it’s not, here’s where to go.

Starting at the PlayStation homescreen hit the “up” key on the directional pad.

Ps4 homescreenKirsten Acuna / Business InsiderYep, that’s me playing around with the PS4’s virtual robots.

Head over to settings.

From there, scroll down to “System Storage Management.”

You’re brought to a screen which shows you how much system storage you currently have. Looks like we’re already down to 324 gbs.

Head into captures. Here you can see all of the video and screenshots you’ve taken sorted by game. We’ve already mentioned that Other contains images from the UI.

We’re looking at the images from The Playroom, the game that comes standard with every PS4 to check out the abilities of the PlayStation camera (if you bought one in addition to the console) and the DualShock 4 controller.

As you can see, this looks very similar to the screen from the Share option we looked at earlier. The icons on the right tell us which user captured the screenshot or video. We currently have two users on the PS4 — myself being the rounded square.

The only difference is this time when hitting the Options button, instead of three options, there are four.

(You’ll notice we went down to our video clips since they’re taking up more space on the console.)

Seven screens deep, there’s the delete button!

Again, here’s what the other screen looked like on the “share” feature.

So, now that we’ve found the delete key, let’s get to it. The good thing here is that we’re able to delete as many videos or screenshots as we want to at once.

Once we have everything selected, let’s hit delete.

Are we sure we want to delete? … Definitely.

And that’s it!

Though we found the delete button, this was a slightly laborious feature to find in the PS4’s system storage management. If you’re not familiar with the PlayStation interface or are new to the gaming world, this will probably won’t be somewhere you think to look.

When we’re used to the instantaneous ability to view, send, and delete photos and video on other electronics (cameras, tablets, phones, etc.) it’s a bit of a hassle that we have to head all the way over to storage management in order to delete and manage your files. It seems like it would be easy enough to include a delete option from the sharing screens.

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