Dele Alli rapped about being overpaid as he landed a private jet in LA for an 8-day party — just days before he's expected to sign a $130,000-a-week Spurs deal

Getty ImagesDele Alli.
  • Dele Alli has taken a break from sport after helping the England national soccer team to a rare semifinal appearance at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  • So, Alli has done what a lot of young people do – he’s gone partying.
  • Alli landed a private jet in LA, rapped about being overpaid, attended an after-party held by Drake, and is set to jet out to Ibiza for the final leg of his 8-day tour.
  • He is expected to link back up with Tottenham Hotspur for the club’s pre-season preparations, where he could double his current earnings by signing a bumper $US130,000-a-week contract, according to The Sun.
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Dele Alli is quickly turning into one of the biggest sports stars in England.

He is a Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, one of the best players in the England national soccer team, and now a wannabe West Coast rapper.

The 22-year-old, fresh from helping England reach the World Cup semifinal for the first time since 1990, has taken a well-deserved break from sport and landed a private jet in Los Angeles for an 8-day party.

Alli has taken four of his close soccer pals on vacation with him, and a Snapchat video of him rapping on the California streets has appeared online.

Dele Alli the rapperGetty Images

“Too many people try roll like the Dellster, I’ll swing you round like a helter-skelter, I’m so hot I’ll melt ya,” Alli rapped in a video shared by The Sun. “Bars for days and I still get overpaid.”

Alli is currently paid £60,000 ($US78,000) per week which, if anything, is underpaid when compared to other salaries of elite Premier League attacking midfielders like Chelsea forward Eden Hazard ($US300,000 per week), Manchester City standout Kevin de Bruyne ($US340,000 per week), and Arsenal playmaker Mesut Özil ($US455,000 per week).

Alli and his friends have already partied in prominent places in LA, including Drake’s after-party in Hollywood following the ESPYS, according to the Mail Online.

When they leave Los Angeles they will take their lads’ tour to its last leg – the nightclubs of Ibiza. After sunning and dancing on the famous Balearic island, Alli is scheduled to link back up with Tottenham for its pre-season preparations where he will reportedly sign a bumper new deal that could almost double his current earnings.

The Sun reports Alli could be in line for a new $US130,000 contract. Ammunition, perhaps, for bars for even more days – but compared to other midfielders, he still wouldn’t be overpaid.

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