Major delays as an IT glitch hits international flights from Australia

File photo: Marianna Massey/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Outgoing international flights across Australia are being delayed by a suspected global IT issue with the system for processing passports.

Long queues have formed at check-in counters in Sydney and Melbourne airports.

Melbourne Airport says: “Airlines experiencing difficulty checking-in travellers for international services due to outage of Advanced Passenger Processing system.”

The airport says unfortunately there is no estimated time on the system, Advanced Passenger Processing, coming back up.

And Melbourne says the outage affects multiple airports.

“Should be all internationals given the system involved,” says Melbourne Airport.

Sydney Airport said: “Airlines are experiencing check-in delays due to a system issue. Check with your airline for latest information. Thanks for your patience.”

Later in the morning, delays started to ease. Melbourne Airport said: “Thanks for your patience this morning. Most airlines are now checking-in for flights. Delays may take a while to work through the system.”

Sydney Airport said: “Airline check-in has now resumed as normal. Thanks for your patience this morning.”

Passengers took to social media to report the delays:

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