In A Rare Move, A State Supreme Court Rebuked Tory Burch's Judge

tory burch

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this week, Tory Burch’s trial judge made some pretty out-of-line comments about the designer’s ongoing legal battle with her ex-husband Christopher. “We’ll be all geared up and in the mood for this sort of drunken WASP fest,” Leo Strine of Delaware Chancery Court said in a hearing last week

“I didn’t see any reason to burden anyone’s Hanukkah, New Year’s, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus with this preppy clothing dispute,” Strine said. 

Burch’s dispute is over her ex-husband’s clothing line, C. Wonder, being allegedly too similar to her own brand.  

The Delaware Supreme has now rebuked Strine for his comments, reports Dealbook.

“The Supreme Court advised Judge Strine that if he wished to “ruminate on what the proper direction of Delaware law should be, there are appropriate platforms, such as law review articles, the classroom, continuing legal education presentations and keynote speeches,”‘ writes Peter Lattman. 

The admonishment is almost unheard-of, Lattman reported: 

“Stephen Gillers, a professor of legal and judicial ethics at New York University School of Law, said that the court’s admonition was highly unusual.

“You rarely see this type of ruling because judges understand that a judicial opinion has a distinct and narrow function and is not supposed to be a platform for your public agenda or your broader views on the law,” he said.”

For now, Strine is still on the case. 

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