"MARCH SADNESS": Watch Delaware Cops Lie To An Upset Family As They Take Away Their Basketball Hoop

With no college basketball until Saturday night, hoops fans are riveted over this video of Delaware police and DOT officials — armed with a front-end loader and a massive dump truck — tearing a basketball hoop out of a family’s front yard and carting it away, despite the protests of the angry parents.

The basket was one of several hoops in the neighbourhood that were found to be in violation of “right of way” laws because they were too close to the street.

When Melissa McCafferty noticed DOT workers removing the baskets from other homes on the street, she climbed the pole in her front yard to prevent them from tearing it down, then alerted the news media. (Delaware Online got the amazing photos and video.)

The workers left, but later returned with police officers who threatened to arrest the McCafferty’s if they interfered.

The most shocking part? At one point a female officer tells McCafferty’s husband that the pole will be removed from the ground, but left in the family driveway. However, once the pole was out the ground, workers took it away while the officer claims she never told them that. All this despite the news cameras capturing the whole incident.

The McCaffertys blame a 86-year-old neighbour who complained about the hoops and accuse the old man — who is in the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame for building youth sports leagues — of hating kids.

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