Here's The Pitch AR Startup Dekko May Have Used To Raise Its $1.9 Million


Over a year ago, we reported that a stealthy startup named Dekko received an investment* to work in the augmented reality space.

Founded by Matt and Silka Miesnieks (husband and wife), Dekko finally launched on Friday and announced its $1.9 million financing.*

Dekko’s other investors include Echo Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Venture 51, Blumberg apical, Launch Capital, Eniac Ventures, Zig Capital, Thornvest and angel investors like Raymond Tonsing and Howard Lindzon.

Dekko wants to become a platform for really good looking augmented reality apps. Right now most are makeshift and don’t really make the user feel like their surroundings are coming to life. Dekko has three pending patents and it’s already partnering with more than 40 people and companies, from toy manufacturers to game developers.

Currently Dekko utlizes a programming language, UNITY 3-D. TechCrunch further explains Dekko’s product:

“It allows developers to create augmented reality experiences that take a user’s current environment into context, as well as those that build whole new experiences around imaginary characters that can operate in those surroundings. It can also be used to create digital copies of real-world objects and allow users to interact with them on their devices.”

Its first game, Dekko Monkey, is available in the App Store now.

For more information on Dekko, we dug up Miesnieks’ old pitch deck. We think he used it, or something very similar, to attract investors.

*Update: Although a source involved in the deal told us Justin Timberlake was an investor in Dekko, a spokesperson confirms that Mr. Timberlake is not involved with Dekko at all, financially or otherwise.

Here's a preview of Dekko's first mobile game:

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