Murdered Wife Told Cops Her Husband Would Kill Her, But They Allegedly Never Translated Her Report

A Queens woman who was allegedly killed by her husband along with her two young daughters warned police that she feared for her life, the New York Post reports.

But Deisy Garcia, a 21-year-old immigrant from Guatemala, filled out her domestic violence incident report in Spanish — and the police never bothered to translate it, unnamed police sources told the Post.

Garcia told police that she was worried Miguel Mejia-Ramos, 29, would also harm their two 1- and 2-year-old daughters because she cared about them so much, according to the Post. Her report went “unheeded” because it was never translated, sources told the Post.

The triple slaying that ensued spurred top police officials to remind cops that police reports in other languages have to be translated.

While police made two domestic violence calls to the family’s home, Mejia-Ramos was never arrested, The New York Times reported, in a chilling account of the allegations against him.

Mejia-Ramos allegedly killed Garcia in a jealous rage last month after he saw a picture of his wife with another man. After he killed Garcia, he planned to flee with his two daughters, he told police.

“I was going to take them with me,” Mejia-Ramos reportedly told police. “But I didn’t have car seats.”

Instead, he told police, he kissed them good-bye and stabbed them to death, according to the Times’ account. He fled to Texas, where he was finally caught and reportedly confessed to the crime.

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