HOUSE(s) OF THE DAY: Deion Sanders Puts TWO Texas Mansions Up For Sale

Deion Sanders Houses

Deion Sanders is celebrating his election to the NFL Hall of Fame, by placing not one, but two of his houses in Texas up for sale.

One is a $21 million palace outside of Dallas and the second is a downtown penthouse going for a more “modest” $7.5 million.

HOUSE ONE: The $7.5 million penthouse has 5,025 square feet across two stories with a private elevator to the roof terrace, a private pool, a bar area, an outdoor fireplace, and window views of the Dallas skyline from around the penthouse. 

HOUSE TWO: The $21 million mansion is located in the aptly named Prosper, Texas, and has 29,122 square feet.  The “Ultimate Party and Family Ranch” has a banquet dining room, a game room, an indoor basketball court, a bowling alley, a movie theatre, a football field, a 12-acre lake, a tennis court, a guest house, indoor and outdoor pools, and a 10-car garage.

HOUSE ONE: The main living area

HOUSE ONE: The kitchen at night with the skyline behind it

HOUSE ONE: View from the rooftop terrace

HOUSE ONE: The outdoor fireplace on the roof

HOUSE ONE: Panorama window views of downtown Dallas

HOUSE ONE: This roof is set up for parties

HOUSE ONE: The living room by day

HOUSE ONE: The kitchen again

HOUSE ONE: Some of the interior decorations

HOUSE ONE: The bathroom, again with views of the skyline

HOUSE TWO: A look at the front at night

HOUSE TWO: And here's how it looks during the day

HOUSE TWO: The living room with palm trees (real or fake?) indoors

HOUSE TWO: The big dining room

HOUSE TWO: PrimeTime's movie theatre

HOUSE TWO: The indoor pool area

HOUSE TWO: The outdoor pool area

HOUSE TWO: The kitchen

$21 Million is a lot of money, but how does this stack up against...

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